• Targeted level of study

    BAC +5

  • ECTS

    120 credits

  • Duration

    2 years

  • Training structure

    Faculty of Science, Faculty of Education, Faculty of STAPS

  • Language(s) of instruction



This master's degree is intended for students preparing for the secondary school competitive exams (i.e., to become a teacher in middle school and high school).

The training meets the dual requirement of mastering theoretical knowledge and professionalization. The different courses of this mention are distributed in the four universities of the Academy. At the University of Montpellier, 3 components are involved:

- Faculty of Education: 3 courses
- Faculty of Sciences: 6 courses
- UFR Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives: 1 course

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- Prepare for the various secondary school examinations: CAPES, CAPET and CAPLP

- Training to become a teacher in the2nd degree

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Know-how and skills

The aim is to acquire the professional competencies listed in the professional competency framework for teaching and education professions:

The courses in the MEEF Second Degree program aim to achieve a balance between the following training elements

- Disciplinary knowledge
- Didactic knowledge
- Knowledge of the educational system
- Professional experience
- Introduction to research

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The master's degree consists of four semesters:

- Semesters 1 and 2 for the M1 (60 ECTS)
- Semesters 3 and 4 for the M2 (60 ECTS)

The M2 course may vary according to the student's status (civil servant or not) and according to his or her previous career (adapted course).

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Select a program

MEEF - Physics and Chemistry

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MEEF - Mathematics-Sciences in Vocational High School

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MEEF - Life and Earth Sciences

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MEEF - Biotechnology option Biochemistry and Biological Engineering

The Institut National Supérieur du Professorat et de l'Education (INSPE) - Académie de Montpellier organizes, with the universities of the Académie, the training of students preparing for the competitive examinations of the National Education.

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Montpellier welcomes students preparing for the CAPET exam (Certificat d'Aptitude au Professorat de l'Enseignement Technique) - Biotechnology section - Biochemistry and Biological Engineering option.

This training is intended for students who want to become Biotechnology - Biochemistry - Biological Engineering teachers in secondary schools (STL and ST2S technological series) and/or in higher education (BTS Biotechnologies, BTS Bioanalysis and Control, BTS Medical Biology Analysis...) or in IUT (DUT Biological Engineering).

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MEEF - General Education in Vocational High Schools

This program is aimed at careers in the professional high school based on bivalence in general subjects (literature-history and geography, Spanish-literature and English-literature). It is primarily aimed at the professions of vocational high school teacher. We must add the professions where knowledge of the conditions and uses of professional teaching is required or can serve as a basis for complementary professional developments, such as the training of adults
(languages and literature in particular). The versatility of the training allows for reorientations based on the general culture thus acquired.

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MEEF - Economics and Management of Organizations

The preparation of public competitive examinations and the training of future teachers of economics and management occupy a central place in the master's program. The competitive examinations prepared in the second year of the Master's program are those for the CAPET and CAPLP external economics and management examinations, in the options below.

Each academic year, the opening of options within the program depends on whether or not they are
open and on the number of students enrolled in the program.
As a result, part of the program is organized by field of study (technological high school / vocational high school) and/or by option.

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MEEF - Digital and Computer Sciences

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MEEF - Engineering sciences for secondary schools and industrial techniques for vocational schools

This course aims to prepare students for careers in secondary education with two main objectives.
The first is to specialize in the technology taught in secondary schools, the engineering sciences taught in general and technological high schools, and also the industrial sciences and techniques and sustainable development (STI 2D). The lessons concern the disciplinary fields such as mechanics, electronics, civil engineering, automatisms, digital computing... seen as resources for the analysis of multi-technological systems. The fields of educational sciences are also studied in depth: the educational system, didactics, pedagogy, programs and reference systems, etc. This part of the course aims to prepare students for the four options of the "CAPET Industrial Engineering Sciences", which is intended for the recruitment of teachers of these specialties in junior high schools, high schools, and even some BTS. It is also intended for teachers in post or on contract who wish to train for a qualification to teach in secondary schools and/or high schools.
The second objective, relating to vocational high schools, specializes future workshop teachers in preparing students for vocational education in the fields of Industrial Sciences and Techniques (STI) (mechanical, electrical, civil engineering, etc.). In addition to the traditional contributions in the fields of Industrial Science and Technology, which are essential for these courses, this master's program includes important contributions in educational science, didactics, official reference documents and training for course preparation. It is understood that aspects related to oral and written communication, necessary for the teaching profession, will also be addressed.
In both cases, preparation for the competitive examinations remains an essential objective, with, in the longer term, the goal of preparing professional and reflective teachers, providing quality teaching. An approach to research initiation seen as learning through research is also part of the teaching of this master.

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MEEF - Science and techniques of physical activities and sports - Physical and Sports Education

This training is part of the reform of teacher training and the integration, in masters programs, of preparation for the competitive examination for teacher recruitment and the teaching profession. At the end of the training, students should have acquired the fundamental disciplinary or multidisciplinary knowledge necessary for teaching the subject at the different levels of the school system.

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Target audience

All students with a bachelor's degree or an equivalent or higher degree. The licence must be compatible with the course chosen for the Master's degree.
See details on the course descriptions.

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Tuition fees

Subject to change: 243€ for the year
(+ 91€ CVEC to be paid to the CROUS)

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Necessary pre-requisites

Bachelor's degree or higher

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Recommended prerequisites

Bachelor's level training in the following areas:

- Physics-Chemistry
- Mathematics, Mathematics-Sciences
- Life and Earth Sciences
- Biotechnologies
- General Education in Vocational High Schools
- LEA, English, Spanish...
- History-Geography
- Economics and Management of Organizations
- Engineering Sciences, Industrial Techniques
- Physical and Sports Education
- Numerical and Computer Sciences

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And then

Further studies

It is possible to continue one's studies with a Doctorate, either directly or via a Master's degree in Training of Trainers (DDS, PIF...).

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Bridges and reorientation

Internships in companies, associations...

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Professional integration

- Secondary school teacher
- Civil service competition (category A)

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