• Targeted level of study

    BAC +5

  • ECTS

    120 credits

  • Duration

    2 years

  • Training structure

    STAPS Faculty

  • Language(s) of instruction





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Rehabilitation in Adapted Physical Activities (RAPA)

The Master's degree in Rehabilitation through Adapted Physical Activities (RAPA) is designed to qualify future
managers in Adapted Physical Activity (APA) engineering in specialized professional sectors,
medical, medico-social or socio-educational, and in the structures of services to people and
health networks that work in the care of people with a disability,
a chronic disease, people with a disability or at risk with regard to health and
aging people
Rehabilitation through APA is a global care, inserted in a multi-disci-
plinary context and aiming at prevention, improvement or maintenance of the state of health, quality of life and
social participation of each individual, also allowing to limit direct and
indirect health costs.
At the end of their training, each graduate is able to intervene at all levels
of the design, supervision, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of projects and programs in APA for people with specific needs, from the youngest to the oldest

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Health Management through Physical Activity for the Elderly (Master 2 only)

Physical activity has become a central component in contributing to successful and healthy ageing. But not all activities are equal in terms of improving health and quality of life. Their programming requires solid scientific and methodological skills.

In the continuity of the " Adapted Physical Activity & Health " (APAS) degree, the Master 2 " Health Management through Physical Activity for the Elderly " (GESAPPA) of the "Physical Activities for Health" (APPS) speciality of the Grand Sud Master's programme is opening today. It aims to train physical activity managers specialising in the accompaniment of autonomous or dependent populations advancing in age.

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Prevention, Health Education, Physical Activity (PESAP)

The "Prevention, Health Education, Physical Activity" (PESAP) professional training course is intended to qualify future managers in the field of health promotion, defined as the process that gives populations the means to ensure greater control over and improve their own health. They are specifically trained to use physical activities as a lever to ensure this promotion, taking into account the sense of engagement of individuals in their practices.

In the end, the training course aims to provide the necessary skills to build conditions favourable to the health of populations in all living spaces, particularly in terms of lifestyles and the place of physical activities.

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Sciences Technologies Mouvement (Master 2 only)

This specialisation aims to train research professionals in the field of Human Movement. Students who have completed the Research Master's degree are expected to continue their studies in a Doctorate, which should end with the defense of a University Thesis.

The research master and doctoral studies are reserved for the most motivated students and have only a limited number of places. However, the professional integration of graduates is excellent.

After their thesis and usually a post-doctoral internship, students find jobs in higher education, research organisations, as well as in research laboratories or the "research and development" structures of private sector companies.

The Research Master's programme offers three courses:

  • Motor Control: Specialisation in the processes linking perception and action in the control and learning of perceptual-motor coordinations and the kinematic and dynamic modelling of the human body in motion. 
  • Physiology of Movement: Specialisation on the physiological mechanisms involved in the production of human movement, their regulation, the influence of environmental factors and the specificity of immediate and long-term responses in different populations. 
  • Exercise Psychology: Specialising in the study of the psycho- logical and psycho-social processes involved in the practice of physical activities for health, well-being or performance

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Conditions of access

M1: Licence STAPS mention APAS or equivalent
M2: M1 APAS or equivalent

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