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    Faculty of Pharmacy


The Montpellier Master's degree in Drug and Health Product Sciences is based on the University of Montpellier's extensive experience in training in the field of drugs and health products, and locally on the most important internationally recognised research structures in the field. It also benefits from a unique partnership in France between the University and the ANSM, the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products.

This offer in Master 1 and 2 presents a common core essential for a good understanding of the regulatory and scientific contexts and the most significant advances in the field and five well identified and structured courses. The essential points that are the evolutions of professional, regulatory and industrial contexts, the needs for solid evaluation in the essential fields of quality and safety, the emergence of new specific approaches concerning Aging, and the requirements for in-depth knowledge in the field of structural biology for the development of new health products are essential points in the training of this Master. The diversity of possible jobs and professional fields, the implications in Europe and internationally, the training through apprenticeship and sandwich courses, the strong interactions with the industrial and regulatory environments constitute the basis for structuring the training offers proposed in Drug Sciences.

The Master's degree in Drug and Health Product Sciences is supported by two major research structures, IBMM and ICG, which are involved in the development of drugs and health products in Montpellier and the Languedoc-Roussillon region, as well as by the Centre for Structural Biochemistry, which is more transversally involved at the interface between physical chemistry and biology, two complementary approaches that are essential in pharmaceutical development. Training through research is also ensured by the strong involvement in both management and student training of a large number of teacher-researchers from these different institutes or internationally recognised research units.

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The objective of the Master's degree in Drug and Health Product Sciences is to train managers capable of mastering the essential points of drug and health product development, particularly in the fields of regulation, quality and safety. Two specific aspects of development are also particularly developed: mastery of the problems of structural biology and drug design in accessing new structures of therapeutic interest and that of the problems posed by Aging and ageing for the development of new strategies of medicinal intervention or in dermocosmetics.

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Know-how and skills

The course provides the knowledge and techniques to :

  • integrate compliance with international frameworks and procedures into the design and implementation of a health product project.
  • explore a research topic and its limits and design the corresponding study protocols, search and analyse the literature on medicines and health products and design an appropriate literature watch.
  • master the aspects of a quality approach by applying it to the technical and organisational field, mastering the essential parts of the development of a medicine or health product.
  • to carry out applied research and to prepare technical and regulatory files.
  • to evaluate and participate in the expertise of technical and regulatory files.
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Control of knowledge

Special facilities

The Master is open to continuing education.

The Master 2 (all courses) is open to apprenticeships.

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The course is structured in a first year of Master 1, which is an introduction to the fields of health, medicines and health products, and a second year of Master 2, which is a specialisation in six courses, which have already been identified in the first year:
1) International regulatory environment of health companies and products course

2) Health Products Analysis: Quality Assurance and Control Course

3) Health Product Development: Quality and Safety

4) Structural biology and rational design of bioactive molecules course

5) Aging and anti-aging strategies course

6) Innovation in Health Chemistry and Therapeutic Targeting

English is an important part of the core curriculum. Some courses are taught in English and presentations may be required in English.

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Select a programme

International Regulatory Environment for Business and Health Products

Specialised training in international regulatory affairs.


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Health Products Analysis: Quality Assurance and Quality Control

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Health Product Development: Quality and Safety

Training on the safety assessment of health products: pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, from raw materials to finished products.

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Aging and Anti-Aging Strategies

The course provides a mastery of the concepts and technologies of aging, senescence and ageing in relation to R&D applications in the health sector.


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Innovation in Health Chemistry and Therapeutic Targeting

In close collaboration with internationally recognised research institutes (IBMM, IRCM, IRMB, etc.), this programme enables students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for a professional project at the Chemistry-Biology-Health interface. This course will enable students to acquire cutting-edge expertise in chemistry applied to the development of innovative therapies.


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Structural Biology and Rational Design of Bioactive Molecules

The course, which is supported by the Montpellier Structural Biology Centre, leads to mastery of the approaches used for the structural analysis of biomolecules and their complexes for the in vitro analysis of the interactions of biomolecules and their ligands.

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Conditions of access

The Master 1 is accessible as an initial training course for students coming from a scientific L3 with a solid grounding in Life Sciences, biology or chemistry (including physics and chemistry), with a coherent curriculum and a suitable professional project.

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Target audience

Students with 4 years of higher education who are interested in the field of health products.

Possibility of integrating into a Master 2 for students in health fields (Pharmacy, Medicine, Odontology, etc.).

The Master 2 (all courses) is open to apprenticeships.

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Necessary pre-requisites

The Master 1 is accessible in initial training for students coming from a scientific L3 giving a solid basis in biological or chemical sciences (including physical chemistry).  

The Master 2 is accessible to any holder of a Master 1 in drug sciences or health products, student in DFASP2 or DFASM3, intern in Pharmacy or Medicine.

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And then

Further studies

As the Master's degree in Drug Sciences is backed by all the research structures involved in the field of health products, it is possible to continue one's training within the very specialised framework of a very high level University Doctorate.

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Gateways and reorientation

Possible transfers at the end of Master 1 to Master 2 in the same field of training in Biology and Health and Health Engineering.

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Professional integration

All professions in the field of medicines and health products, according to the specificities of the 5 training courses (see Master's courses)

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