• Targeted level of study

    BAC +5

  • ECTS

    120 credits

  • Duration

    2 years

  • Training structure

    STAPS Faculty

  • Language(s) of instruction




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Physical preparation and reathletization (PPR)

This course is intended to qualify future managers in Physical Preparation for the federal and private sectors. This course is in line with the policy of the Faculty of Sports Sciences of Montpellier which offers a complete university education in Sports Training and Physical Preparation. The Languedoc-Roussillon region has several clubs that compete at the highest national and European level in various sports activities and benefits from quality sports infrastructures. The UFR itself has a covered sports complex (athletics track, 5 practice rooms including one for weight training) and premises dedicated to research.

  • Know how to design, develop, innovate and manage a physical preparation project in existing or new public or private structures,
  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge in physical preparation, adapted to the professional level
  • Adapt scientific skills in physical preparation,
  • Familiarize yourself with the technological intelligence of modern evaluation tools,
  • Contribute to the realization of applied research protocols in sport sciences.

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Sciences and Techniques of Psychological Preparation and Coaching (PsyCoach)

The objective of the Master's degree in "Psychological Preparation and Coaching" is to qualify future specialists in mental preparation and coaching for athletes, teams, trainers, sports institutions, etc. The university training provided aims to acquire the qualities, theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to accompany and guide - at all levels of preparation and competition - athletes, sports teams or groups of practitioners, sports institutions and specialized staff, trainers and management. Psychological preparation and coaching are at the service of sports performance and personal fulfillment in the promotion of sports values and ethics.

The graduate - who has received a training focused on sports science, in particular sports psychology and mental coaching - knows how to analyze requests, diagnose the nature of psychological problems, and choose the appropriate measures with rigor and ethics.

He/she is able to mobilize different approaches (clinical, cognitive, social psychology, coaching, etc.) using both qualitative (interviews) and quantitative (tests) methods and tools in order to establish a contract of objectives with the applicant(s), to act and to evaluate his/her interventions.

He is called upon to work in consulting, expertise or evaluation.

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Sciences Technologies Mouvement (Master 2 only)

This specialization aims to train research professionals in the field of human movement. Students who have completed the Research Master's degree are expected to continue their studies in the Doctorate program, which should end with the defense of a University thesis.

The research master's degree and doctoral studies are reserved for the most motivated students and have only a limited number of places. However, the professional integration of graduates is excellent.

After their thesis and usually a post-doctoral internship, students find jobs in higher education, research organizations, as well as in research laboratories or "research and development" structures of private sector companies.

The research master's program offers three courses:

  • Motor Control: Specialization in the processes linking perception and action in the control and learning of perceptual-motor coordinations and the kinematic and dynamic modeling of the human body in motion. 
  • Movement Physiology: Specialization in the physiological mechanisms involved in the production of human movement, their regulation, the influence of environmental factors and the speci city of immediate and long-term responses in different populations. 
  • Psychology of Effort: Specialization in the study of psycho- logical and psycho-social processes involved in the practice of physical activities for health, well-being or performance

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Necessary pre-requisites

Bachelor's degree in sports training or equivalent (VAE/VAP)

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