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This UE is based on the same pedagogical project as the UE "Salon de l'écologie-1": the organization and participation in the two events "Festi'Versité" and "Salon National de l'Ecologie" (see sheet "Salon de l'écologie-1").

The specificity of the "Salon de l'écologie-2" course lies in the roles and implications of the students in their mission of assistance to the project managers of the two events. In this UE, they are involved in positions of responsibility as administrators of one of the partner student associations: president, treasurer, communication manager, logistics manager, eco-responsibility manager, festivities manager, congress manager, forum manager. They will coordinate the highlights of the events, the actions of the different teams and the work of the students and volunteers involved in the implementation through the EU "Ecology Fair 1".

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Necessary pre-requisites

Experience in project management and/or having followed the EU "project management" course

Motivation, rigor, organization and a sense of responsibility are necessary for students wishing to follow this course.

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Additional information

This course is designed to put into practice the skills acquired in the "project management" course for highly motivated students who wish to get involved in the proposed events.

Option, open to double comp, IEGB and combiodiv in FI and APP.

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Targeted competencies

Same competences as the EU "Ecology Fair-1" and to which are added, depending on the position held:

- to lead, coordinate, follow and evaluate the work of different teams;

- Negotiate and report activities to stakeholders and sponsors and/or clients;

- administering an association ;

- Establish and manage a provisional budget and a financial statement;

- to carry a professional ethic, in particular an eco-responsible event by respecting the constraints of a label and its indicators of evaluation;

- represent an organization and an event to the general public, the press and partners;

- Organize, manage and embody a collective work environment in the service of a professional cause.

- co-construct and implement a communication strategy

- represent an event and communicate with partners and the media.

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