20 credits

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    Faculty of Science


The M2 internship lasts 5.5 to 6 months full-time (from mid-March to the end of August at the latest).
The search for the internship is proactive on the part of the student.
The validation of the internship is made by the pedagogical tutor according to the adequacy with the professional project of the student and with the pedagogical objectives of the ComBiodiv course.
Each student is followed during the internship by a university pedagogical tutor and an internship supervisor from the professional organization and being part of its close supervision.
A scientific and technical study report is written within the framework of the UE.
It can take place in France or abroad. The internship takes place in a professional organization and under cover, a priori, of an internship agreement delivered by the UM.

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The student is placed in a professional situation during which he/she acquires and puts into practice knowledge, know-how and skills of expert or engineer level (bac+5) in relation to his/her professional project.
The professional activities carried out during the internship must enable the student to acquire key professional skills which will be defined jointly by the student, the internship supervisor and the educational tutor as objectives at the beginning of the internship. Indicators for assessing the stage of acquisition of these key skills will be set up.

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Knowledge control

The internship grade is based on the evaluation of:
- the activity report:
o synthetic positioning (structure in which the internship takes place, global project in which the student is involved, specific mission of the student, objectives of the internship)
- the scientific and technical study pre-report:
o synthetic presentation of the context and stakes, objective, site, material and methods.
o writing of a state of the art
- the professional training report :
o identification of 3 to 5 key skills as learning objectives during the internship
o follow-up of the state of acquisition of these skills via indicators (technical or bibliographic note, life skills...)
- the oral defense in front of a jury (presentation of the work and answers to questions),

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Targeted competencies

- Design, prepare, carry out actions and/or educational programs on themes in the field of environmental education for different types of audiences
- Design educational tools
- Adopt a scientific approach to address the topics of EEDD
- Master the tools of computer-assisted publishing
- Use social networks and web page management
- Lead production meetings and debates
- Implement project management tools
- Produce a relevant bibliography
- Evaluate achievements and discuss results.

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