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This course starts during the first day of classes (integration).

During this course, students will participate in the design and implementation of two major annual events in the field of ecology: the Biodiversity Festival (Festi'Versité) and the National Biodiversity Exhibition (SNB). Since 2008, these events have been a way to bring together, get to know and promote all the players in the professional field of ecology in France.

In connection with partner organizations (OFB, F-CEN, UPGE, F-CPIE, UM, CNRS, local authorities, etc.) and the organizing professional structure, the students are assistants to the management of the two events.) and the organizing professional structure, the students are assistants to the project management of the two events by occupying various positions according to their motivations, interests and capacities (experience, skills, proposed trainings) in connection with volunteers from other trainings (BTS): recruitment and reception of the public and speakers, media animations, communication, security (fire risk, first aid), logistics, search for financing, eco-responsibility... The positions are proposed through job descriptions on which the students apply during the integration seminar of the master.

Supported by an Adhoc structure (in the process of being set up) and under the direction of a steering committee bringing together their main stakeholders, these two events integrate the assistance of students from the Environmental Management Master's program of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Montpellier within the framework of their teaching and through their student associations.

- Festi'Versité, the biodiversity festival. It allows to sensitize and educate the general public to the stakes of ecology through animations, shows, games, conferences, projections, photographic exhibitions. It takes place during a weekend at the end of October/beginning of November at the zoo of Montpellier.

- The national biodiversity exhibition. At the same time a forum for jobs and training, a scientific and technical congress, and professional meetings, it includes conferences and round tables, scientific and technical communications, and recruitment and professional exchanges. The exhibition takes place during 2 days in January at the Parc des Expositions of Montpellier.

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Necessary pre-requisites

Experience in project management and/or having followed the EU "project management".

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Additional information

This UE concerns the application of the skills acquired in the UE "project management".

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Targeted competencies

*For all:

- Understand and respond to the expectations of a sponsor/client according to a set of specifications;

- respect a job description ;

- work in teams and networks via a project that mobilizes the entire class of 2nd year students (70 to 80 students) of the GE master;

- mobilize a network of professionals;

- Evaluate your work and that of your teammates;

- promote a professional cause by getting involved in a collective process in a professional manner

* and according to the positions held :

- communicate and promote an event to a variety of audiences;

- prevent and manage risks

- to concretize an ecoresponsible approach

- seek resources (financial, material and human) and establish partnerships (contractualization with partners and service providers);

- Hosting and managing audiences and stakeholders;

- Evaluate and present an activity report and a moral and financial report to the sponsors;

- to monitor information, to be part of an innovation process and to think ahead;

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