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During this course, students will put into practice the skills acquired during the "project management" course on a concrete case, a project to be carried out in groups of 3 to 5 students for a professional structure (private or public companies, cooperatives, liberal professions, associations, public institutions (universities and research organizations in particular), local authorities, etc.).

The project takes place over a period of 4 months, during which the students devote themselves to it part-time, on a rhythm of one ½ day per week (Friday morning).

The project must allow students to develop their knowledge and skills outside of the university setting by responding to specific needs expressed by a professional structure. This project prepares the student to respond to a specific need, to act as a service provider in engineering and studies in anticipation of his next professional appointments, i.e. his end-of-study internship and his first job. The experience is enriching, can be added to the student's CV and sometimes leads to an internship or even a job.

The proposed projects are diverse and varied: scientific and regulatory monitoring, state of the art, validation of methods and protocols, data collection and analysis, feasibility study for creation and innovation, support in the preparation of a response to a call for tenders or a call for projects, diagnosis and recommendations, drafting of advisory or training documents, design and implementation of educational or/and pedagogical activities, design of communication documents, assistance in organizing events...

Functioning : The UE responsible and each course responsible look for and propose subjects which will be open to all students from all courses (mixed groups are possible if the subject lends itself to it as well as the profiles). The students apply and the head of the UE selects the applications and proposes the constitution of groups which will be validated quickly by the head of the UE. The course leaders propose one or more pedagogical tutors for each proposed project.

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Necessary pre-requisites

Experience in project management and/or having followed the EU "project management".

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Additional information

This UE concerns the practical application of the skills acquired in the UE "project management". Projects are proposed at the beginning of the course. The students can propose their own project; this one will have to fulfill the constraints of the UE to be validated by the persons in charge of the UE.

Compulsory, open to all GE majors in M2 FI (except Giebiote) + Energy master.

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Targeted competencies

- Establish and respect a work framework

- use project management tools

- plan a project, organize its implementation within a proposed schedule (time and human resources management)

- Develop monitoring and success indicators

- understand and meet the expectations of the client according to identified criteria

- reporting

- work in a team (structure the organization of the team, delegate and distribute tasks, lead and motivate the team, organize and implement communication (internal, external))

- organize and facilitate meetings

- Evaluate and present the results of the actions carried out in relation to the objectives set for the team, establish a balance sheet.

- Evaluate your work and that of your team members

- anticipate foreseeable risks and decide on preventive and/or corrective actions


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