2 credits

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    Faculty of Science


This course includes 4 hours of lectures during which students are introduced to the basic concepts that define scientific museums (status, typology, missions, public, collection, conservation, exhibition, education and study functions) as well as the related professions.
These lessons are followed by 11 hours of fieldwork during which students follow guided tours of scientific collections and museums (plant garden, herbarium, zoological park, aquarium, museum, etc.) during which the emphasis will be placed on scenography, itineraries and mediation devices.

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The objective of this course is to introduce students to the world of scientific museography and to give them the keys to interact as an ecologist or mediator in ecology with its professionals. At the end of this teaching unit, students should know:
1. the functions of the different museum professionals
2. the basic notions that define museum institutions: collection, referencing, conservation, exhibition, public, visit itinerary, etc.
3. the tools of scientific mediation and the rules for writing museum texts.

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Knowledge control

Test of knowledge : 100 % CC

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