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Project management is an essential skill for a master's level professional. This course aims at making you capable of designing and managing a project. We will look at the different phases of a project, its financing (diversification of sources and budget), the planning of work, time and resources, teamwork (meetings, conflicts, reporting), risk management. The teaching carried out via a MOOC "project management" of 6 weeks (Common Core, or classic course - 20 hours of training: Common Core (4 weeks) + 2 modules of specialization minimum) between the end of September and the beginning of November will be completed by various TD.

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Necessary pre-requisites

- have at least some experience of working in a team

- master the computer and internet tools (C2i certificate recommended)

- be able to research and analyze documents

- be able to present results in written form following instructions (structured, clear, critical report with bibliographic references) and orally (structured, clear, understandable communication using a slide show or poster)

- know how a company works

- experience in an association is recommended.

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Additional information

Open to all the GE mention in M2 (except Giebiote and double competence). Compulsory for FIs, optional for APPs) and open to the Energy master's degree.

The skills acquired during this UE will be put into practice on concrete projects in the UE " M2 FI project " or " learning project " and in " Ecology Fair 1 " or " Ecology Fair 2 ".

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Targeted competencies

- Know how to manage a project from A to Z

- Identify the different project profiles in a company

- Conducting effective meetings

- Master the project cycle and manage risks

- Define and schedule lots and responsibilities

- Budget and manage the project

- Analyze and respond to a call for tenders

- Analyze and respond to a call for projects

- Diversify funding sources

- Basics of team management

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