6 credits

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    Faculty of Science


The objective of this course is to teach students to design communication, mediation and education tools and actions on the theme of biodiversity. It will provide the necessary knowledge to define communication objectives, target audiences, define key messages, choose a communication method, and carry out and evaluate these actions. It will also lead the students to master the issues related to biodiversity and its maintenance and to know the bibliography and the sources of information in this field.
The UE will be composed of TD and TP as well as a project by group.

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Competences targeted by the EU:
- knowledge of the stakes of biodiversity conservation, from an ecological, economic and philosophical point of view
- knowledge of the stakes of communication and education on biodiversity
- knowledge of the various modes and tools of communication on biodiversity (scientific journals, literature, exhibition, video, radio, internet and social networks)
- knowing how to build a tool of mediation and education on biodiversity (targeting an audience, choosing a media, defining key messages, building a narrative, etc.)
- knowing how to evaluate a tool of communication and education on biodiversity

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Knowledge control

Test of knowledge : 100 % CC

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