Law - Political Science - Administration


  • Targeted level of study

    BAC +5

  • ECTS

    120 credits

  • Duration

    2 years

  • Training structure

    Faculty of Law and Political Science


  • Master in Legal and Judicial Practice
    Course director: Olivier Sautel

The Master's degree is organised over 2 years, comprising 4 semesters.

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Master in Legal and Judicial Practice

Course Director: Olivier Sautel

The Master's degree is organised over 2 years, comprising 4 semesters.

The "Legal and Judicial Practices" Master's degree completes the range of Master's courses available at the Montpellier Law Faculty. While the existing Masters offer training focused on a specialization, the Master "Legal and Judicial Practices" innovates by opening the way to a "generalist" training in private law. This training, based on a practical approach, will enable students to discover the keys to the legal and judicial practice of law.
This approach responds to a strong demand from students who, wishing to discover judicial and legal practice, are currently obliged to follow a specialisation within the framework of a Master II.
The professional Master II "Legal and Judicial Practices" works in partnership with a large number of professional contributors to adapt the training to the needs of the world of work.

In this respect, the Master's degree in Legal and Judicial Practices has forged special links with certain professionals who have become the sponsors of the first classes:
- Ordre des avocats de Nîmes et les Editions Législatives (class of 2006/2007),
- Bascou-Ranc et associés (class of 2007/2008),
- Nexway (class of 2008/2009),
- FIDAL (class of 2009/2010)
- RECALL (class of 2010/2011)
- Ersnt and Young (class of 2011/2012)
- ANDRH (class of 2012/2013)
- Vinci Construction France (class 2013/2014). - FHP (class of 2014/2015) - FAKT Avocats (class of 2016/2017)

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  • Legal property management practices

    10 credits
  • Legal management practices in human relations

    10 credits
  • Legal contract management practices

    10 credits
  • Practices of legal management of procedures and channels

    10 credits
  • Language

    5 credits