Project Management, Health Products Marketing (MPPS)

  • ECTS

    120 credits

  • Training structure

    Faculty of Pharmacy


The MPPS programme is a multidisciplinary programme whose objective is to train executives specialised in the field of project management and marketing with a solid scientific base in the field of health products.

  • Double competence in Health Engineering and Management Systems: Project Management, Quality Management, Accounting and Financial Analysis, Strategic and Operational Marketing, Relational Techniques and Team Management.
  • The basics and tools of Project Management are taught: managing in project mode, organising the project, defining and structuring the project, planning tasks, managing project resources, managing costs, managing risks, steering the project, communicating in projects.
  • The fundamentals of marketing are developed: market research, corporate communication strategy, pharmaceutical marketing, international marketing, e-marketing, CRM marketing.
  • The practical part is carried out in the form of case studies: realisation of projects for the launch of a new health product, under financial constraints, to which the necessary opportunity studies are attached: market research and marketing studies.
  • Seminars on project-based organisation models are given by project management professionals (Sanofi-Aventis, Sanofi-pasteur, Pierre-Fabre, MerckSerono, Galderma, FoveaPharma, Novartis...)
  • The Project Management, Marketing of Health Products (drugs, cosmetics, health food) course is aimed at students or employees in continuing education who have a good grounding in preclinical R&D, formulation and control of health products, chemistry, biotechnologies, health environment (Master 1 training or acquired experience).
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  • 98%

    Success rate


To train executives in the field of project management and marketing of health products

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Know-how and skills

Dual competence in project management and marketing.

Scientific knowledge, managerial knowledge, marketing knowledge.

Master the concepts of health product formulation.

Master the concepts of project management.

Mastering project management tools.

Mastering communication and marketing strategies.

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The M1 trains students in the formulation of health products with an introduction to project management.

M2 is devoted to the acquisition of knowledge and skills in project management, resource management, cost management and strategic, operational and digital marketing.

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Select a programme

M1 Project Management, Health Products Marketing

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M2 Project Management, Health Products Marketing

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Target audience

Licence Biologie-Santé
Licence Ingénierie de la Santé
Formation continue
students in pharmacy, medicine

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Necessary pre-requisites

Science degree

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Recommended prerequisites

Good level in English

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And then

Professional integration

Careers in project management, marketing of health products (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agri-food)

Executive in the sectors: Research § Development - Production - Quality Assurance in health product companies (drugs, cosmetics and biomaterials).

  • Project manager (junior and senior).
  • Operational Planning Manager.
  • Responsible for planning tools.
  • Resource Manager.
  • Responsible for planning a sector or an R&D project.
  • Product Manager.
  • Marketing Research Officer.
  • Purchasing or subcontracting manager.
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