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Climate change, agricultural management and territories: This pathway focuses on the uses of territorial resources as well as the forms and functions of agriculture faced with greater climatic uncertainty. It postulates that climate variations:
- are a driving force and a lever of change for territories and their agriculture,
- reinforce the need to move towards quality, relocalized and non-polluting agriculture,
- create new sanitary and territorial environmental quality issues by bringing new pollution and disease problems. And these challenges require better knowledge for rapid responses. >> Learn more

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- To elaborate local development strategies.
- To know how to analyze the global organization and contemporary dynamics of rural areas, in France, in Europe and in the world
- To help local decision-makers in their territorial development projects and in the mobilization of their own resources
- To observe and understand the dynamics of rural territories and the modes of local governance.  To arouse the interest of local actors in local development
- To know how to arouse and animate operations of valorization of local heritage to make them elements of cultural animation and economic development.
- To train animation managers, on the scale of "project territories" or territorial communities, capable of leading development strategies in conformity with the requirements imposed by the territories.
- To analyze the technical-economic functioning of the local economy and the local economy. To analyze the technical and economic functioning of the farm and the diagnostic analysis of an agricultural region in the context of climate change.
- To implement decision support methods, forecasting analysis and strategic management in advisory approaches at the individual and collective level, analysis of territorial policies. Conducting surveys, developing optimization models for technical and production choices at the farm and regional levels. Couple biophysical and economic models for decision support in the management of natural resources and diffuse pollution in agriculture.
- Work in a multidisciplinary team, interface between technical and socio-economic aspects. >> More information

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Climate Change, Agricultural Management and Territories

The objective is to train students for jobs related to the development of new technologies linked to agriculture and the analysis of policies and territorial adaptation projects in the agricultural and rural sector. In concrete terms, the training leads to jobs such as development manager in local authorities and chambers of agriculture, project and research manager in international and similar organizations, in consultancy firms and international organizations, software designer in private companies related to the training themes. It aims to enable students to master the new models and tools that structure territorial public action and farm management decisions. >> Read more

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