Economics - Management, Law - Political Science - Administration


  • Targeted level of study

    BAC +3

  • ECTS

    180 credits

  • Duration

    3 years

  • Training structure

    IUT Montpellier-Sète

  • Language(s) of instruction




Understand the economic and legal environment of the organization, the management of the company from a financial and human resources point of view.
Master the accounting and tax techniques and analyze the financial performance of the company.

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Know-how and skills

Upon completion of the course, the graduate will be able to:

Competences Common to the three courses :

  • Analyze the organization's processes in its environment
  • Use management and decision support data
  • Organize stakeholder relations

GC2F course: analyze accounting, tax and social information and private and public accounting & implement tools for analyzing and forecasting the company's activity.
GEMA course: design the value creation strategy & ensure the management and development of the value chain.
GPRH course: manage personnel administration & manage the development of human resources

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Knowledge control

Control of knowledge: continuous control

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Open in alternation

Type of contract

Apprenticeship contract, Professionalization contract

Possible from the 2nd or 3rd year of the B.U.T depending on the chosen course.

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Internships, tutored projects



Internship: 22 to 26 weeks over the 3 years
Tutored project: 600h

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Start date: September
Duration: 3 years
Hourly volume: 1800h
Internship: 22 to 26 weeks over the 3 years
Tutored project: 600h

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Select a program

Accounting, tax and financial management

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Management, entrepreneurship and business management

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Human Resources management and steering

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Conditions of access

Submission of applications via the Parcoursup portal: https: //

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Target audience

  • General BAC obtained in 2021 with 2 of the following specialties: Mathematics; SES; History-geography, geopolitics and political science; NSI; LLCE.
  • General BAC obtained before 2021: BAC ES & S (others, depending on the file).
  • Technological baccalaureate: STMG (Management and Finance option in priority).
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And then

Professional integration


All sectors (public and private) of economic life: industry, services, banks, insurance companies, administrations, local authorities, associations, accounting.

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