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Analysis, quality control, environment

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    IUT Montpellier-S├Ęte


Course accessible from the 2nd year of the B.U.T Chemistry

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Know-how and skills

  • Analyse solid, liquid and gaseous samples:
    By following an analysis protocol
    By using appropriate chemical and/or physico-chemical analysis techniques
    By using appropriate sampling and sample preparation methods
    By developing a coherent analytical approach
  • Synthesize molecules:
    By transforming the material in an appropriate manner
    By monitoring the reaction using appropriate methods
    By characterizing the compounds using appropriate techniques
    By purifying the compound using appropriate techniques
  • Develop materials and/or formulated products:
    By choosing the appropriate raw materials and processes
    By implementing a relevant eco-design approach
    By characterising the properties of the materials and/or formulated products using appropriate techniques
  • Produce intermediates and finished products
    By correctly implementing unit operations in an industrial chemical manufacturing process
    By monitoring a manufacturing process using appropriate physico-chemical analyses
    By respecting developments in green chemistry and sustainable development
  • Manage a chemical laboratory or production workshop
    By being involved in the management of the laboratory or production workshop
    By applying a quality approach
    By ensuring the scientific follow-up of a team of first qualification agents
  • Controlling health, safety and environmental aspects
    By respecting an HSE - Health, Safety and Environment - approach.
    By respecting a sustainable and economical chemistry
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Control of knowledge

Assessment of knowledge: continuous assessment

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Open in alternating years

Possible from the2nd year of the B.U.T.

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