Science, Technology, Engineering


  • Targeted level of study

    BAC +3

  • ECTS

    180 credits

  • Duration

    1 year

  • Training structure

    IUT Nîmes


The QHSSE professional degree (Quality Safety Environment Coordinator), given at the IUT of Nîmes, in partnership with the AFPI, enables students to acquire professional experience that recognises their ability to carry out a real function, a real job. This training, a real springboard for employment, is supported by the UIMM (Union des Industries et des Métiers de la Métallurgie).

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Training of middle management technical executives in the animation, steering and organisation of quality, safety and environmental processes, within the framework of the optimisation of integrated management systems

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Know-how and skills

At the end of the training, the candidate will be able to:
- Participate in the implementation of the company's quality, environment and safety policy with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.
- Carry out a diagnosis with the company's stakeholders and draw up an action plan to implement projects.
- Know how to use the appropriate tools to improve the company's organisation and competitiveness.
- Be a quality and/or safety and/or environment facilitator.
- To lead and direct project groups.
- To participate in the deployment of the documentation system.
- To interface with the communication processes relating to quality and to raise staff awareness of the impact of their activity on quality.
- To coordinate the implementation of an integrated management system.
- To ensure the implementation of a continuous improvement and permanent progress approach.

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Open in alternating years

Type of contract

Professionalization contract

The training, which is exclusively in the form of work-study, is provided within the framework of a professional training contract. An arrangement in the form of training courses is possible for employees undergoing retraining within the framework of a FONGECIF or a Training Plan for example.

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The training is provided exclusively on a sandwich course. Part of the course is taught in the training centre, and another part is taught directly in the host company, where the student learns the trade under the supervision of a training supervisor appointed by the company.

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Select a programme

Quality Safety Environment Coordinator

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Target audience

Holders of national diplomas at Bac +2 level (DUT, BTS, L2, etc.). Possibility of VAP 85 for employees with sufficient professional experience - consult us.

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Necessary pre-requisites

Validated Bac + 2 diploma or VAP 85.

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Recommended prerequisites

French expression, English, knowledge of basic mathematics, office automation and willingness to integrate into the industrial world.

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And then

Gateways and reorientation

The course can accommodate students with a L2 degree wishing to reorient themselves towards a short vocational training course, and students leaving the CPGE or engineering school who also wish to reorient themselves towards a short vocational training course.

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Professional integration

Students then enter the world of work in middle management technical positions in the fields of Quality, Safety and/or the Environment. The industrial fields that call for such managers are very diverse: food processing, pharmaceuticals, medical, nuclear, petroleum, chemicals, agriculture, personal services, IT, construction, railways, etc. Integration is greatly facilitated by the fact that students are already employed during the training.

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