Law - Political Science - Administration


Notary professions
  • Targeted level of study

    BAC +3

  • ECTS

    60 credits

  • Duration

    1 year

  • Training structure

    Faculty of Law and Political Science


The training is conceived and organized within the framework of a close partnership with the notary profession, at the local level with the Regional Council of Notaries of the Court of Appeal of Montpellier and the Institut des Métiers du Notariat of Montpellier, and at the national level with the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat and the Centre National de l'Enseignement Professionnel du Notariat.

The professional nature of the degree implies theoretical teaching but also practical experience, provided by notaries. The establishment of an internship and a tutored project also implies close collaboration between the university and the institutions representing the notary profession.

More generally, this partnership allows professionals to express their needs and expectations, but also to offer a practical vision of the content of the training courses.

Furthermore, more specifically at the local level, the aim of the cooperation is to identify local needs according to the employment area.

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The advantages of the training

Open applications on the eCandidat website.


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 The objective of the "notary's professions" professional license is twofold: immediate professional integration and a springboard for the pursuit of a diploma course that can eventually lead to the presentation of the technical knowledge control exam allowing access to the profession of notary (decree n° 73-609 of July 5, 1973, art. 7).

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Know-how and skills

Targeted competences:
As regards the content of his/her activity, this employee is able to draft and execute simple acts or operations. As far as autonomy is concerned, the employee is able to execute on general directives and under regular control.
With regard to technical skills, the holder of the professional license in notarial professions from the University of Montpellier:
- masters the specialized subjects necessary for the exercise of the profession of notary's associate: real estate law, tax law applied to notarial operations (and in particular to real estate issues), contract law, personal law, international private law of notarial activity, law of notarial securities.
- masters the law of obligations and contractual techniques
- masters real estate law and family property law
- masters personal and real estate taxation and family property law.
- masters real estate law, town planning law and contractual techniques.

In the exercise of his activity, he:
- prepares acts necessary for the liquidation of matrimonial regimes, successions and real estate operations.
- prepares the legal aspect of real estate promotion and marketing operations.
- verifies the rights and powers of the owners on the goods (to make sure that they have the right to rent or sell them).
- appreciates the civil and fiscal consequences of the financial operations on the patrimony of the clients and optimizes these consequences.

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Knowledge control


The professional license is awarded to students who have obtained an overall average of at least 10/20 in all teaching units, including the tutored project and the internship, and an average of at least 10/20 in the tutored project and the internship.


The tutored project and the internship must each be the subject of a thesis or graded report.


When the professional license has not been obtained, the teaching units in which the average of 10/20 has been obtained are capitalizable.


Two examination sessions (the first in May, the second in June) are organized for all teaching units, except for the tutored project and the internship.



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The professional license includes 430 hours of courses grouped into UE.
The semester legal courses are provided in the form of lectures and tutorials subject to a knowledge control and final exams.

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  • EU Matrimonial property regimes

    6 credits
    • Practice in drawing up marriage contracts

    • Matrimonial regimes

    • Plan liquidation practice

  • UE Estate transfer

    8 credits
    • Estate settlement practice

    • Practice in drawing up gifts and wills

    • Free transfer tax practice and taxation

    • Inheritance and gifts

  • UE General private law

    8 credits
    • Special contract law

    • Property law

    • Law of obligations

  • UE Real estate law

    8 credits
    • Land registry practice

    • Real estate taxation

    • Co-ownership law

    • Real estate sales practice

    • Planning practice

    • Planning law

    • Co-ownership practice

  • UE Resources for professional practice

    6 credits
    • Accounting

    • Professional ethics and organization

    • Notarial IT

    • Drafting deeds

    • Notarial English

  • UE Credit and Business Law

    8 credits
    • Credit law and insolvency proceedings

    • The practice of creating security interests

    • Securities law

    • General commercial law and companies

    • Business operations practice

    • Company formation practice

  • UE Tutored project

  • Choice 1

    • Your choice: 1 of 2

      • EU Internship

        8 credits
      • Internship/Commitment

        • EU Internship

          6 credits
        • UE Student commitment

And then

Professional integration


The professional license "notary's professions" is mainly aimed at the function of notary's office employee, classified at level T1 of the collective agreement of the notary's office, which defines the activity of the level T1 employee as follows

  • content of the activity: drafting or execution of simple acts or operations
  • autonomy: execution on general directives and under regular control.
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