Science, Technology, Engineering

Technical management of social property assets

  • ECTS

    180 credits

  • Duration

    1 year

  • Training structure

    IUT Nîmes

  • Language(s) of instruction



Supported by the IUT of Nîmes and professionals in the property management sector (60% of the teaching is done by professionals), the LP GTPIS aims to provide day-to-day and forward-looking management of the property of a social housing company, a large industrial group or a local authority. The course is open on a sandwich basis to students from various initial backgrounds and to company professionals wishing to improve their skills.

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  • 99 %

    Success rate


To train professionals to real problems:
➔ to give skills in the legal or real estate field and the building field,
➔ to allow staff in place in social housing companies (Office, SEM or SA) or institutions managing housing to update their knowledge.

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Know-how and skills

The skills acquired during the training are developed as follows:

  • Analyse the structures of buildings,
  • Estimate the cost of the work,
  • Write and present a case using electronic means of communication,
  • Manage resources by reducing the impact of the work on the environment
  • Understand the mechanisms of insurance and risk,
  • Write a specification,
  • Master the energy management of the building,
  • Manage the maintenance and organization of maintenance work,
  • Preparing tender documents in accordance with public and private procurement law,
  • Raise awareness of accessibility and fire safety issues.
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Control of knowledge

Continuous assessment, writing of a dissertation and defence in front of a jury composed of teachers and professionals.

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Open in alternating years

Type of contract

Apprenticeship contract, Professionalization contract


The course is open to students on apprenticeship or professionalization contracts.

This mode of operation implies a presence in the company for a minimum of 32 weeks. The learner is accompanied by two tutors, one pedagogical and the other appointed by the company. The two tutors work together to lead the student to a diploma and a job.

The period in the center is important at the beginning of the program and alternates 3 weeks in companies - 1 week in the center from January.

The number of hours is 430 hours in the training center.

The course is organised by teaching units (TU).


  • 1.1 Assessment of the state of the real estate assets
  • 1.2 Structural and finishing work


  • 2.1 Strategic Asset Plan
  • 2.2 Building maintenance and organization of maintenance work


  • 3.1 Construction and social housing law
  • 3.2 Insurance


  • 4.1 Setting up of tenders
  • 4.2 Contract Management


  • 5.1 Practice of managing a social housing stock


  • 6.1 In companies in the management of a real estate portfolio

Assessment of knowledge: The course provides for continuous assessment of knowledge, the writing of a dissertation and an oral presentation before a jury composed of teachers and professionals involved in the course.

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Target audience

This course is aimed at students with 2 years of higher education:

  • L2 Law

  • DUT: GEA, Civil Engineering, Thermal Engineering and Energy,

  • BTS: Legal Careers, Real Estate Professions, Building, Fluids, Energy, Home Automation, other BTS in the sector.

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Recommended prerequisites

Knowledge of construction or administrative management is recommended.

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And then

Professional integration

The GTPIS professional license allows you to aim for the following professions

  • Real estate manager,
  • Technical property manager,
  • Real estate manager,
  • Real estate management assistant,
  • Building Group Manager,
  • Global real estate manager,
  • Real estate operations manager.
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