Economics - Management, Technological fields


Logistics process management
  • Targeted level of study

    BAC +3

  • ECTS

    180 credits

  • Duration

    1 year

  • Training structure

    IUT Nîmes


This one-year university course (L3) enables future managers in distribution logistics to acquire skills in the field of logistics, transport, distribution, etc.                    

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  • 100% professional integration

    Success rate


The objective of the professional degree is to prepare students for the management of distribution logistics platforms and to enable them to take up positions of management responsibility in these organisations thanks to their acquired skills in the management of distribution logistics operations.

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Know-how and skills

* Define and implement organisational schemes for national and international distribution logistics flows

* To manage the logistics flow

* Contribute to the implementation of the company's logistics strategy through appropriate logistics projects

* Organise, manage and secure warehouses        

* Managing teams                                                      

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Open in alternating years

Type of contract

Apprenticeship contract, Professionalization contract


Duration: one year

Hourly volume: 450 hours

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Select a programme

Management of distribution logistics operations

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Target audience

L2 Tertiary, DUT, BTS, Professional title in logistics approved at level III.
Experience in the logistics sector: VAE/VAP

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Necessary pre-requisites

Hold a bachelor's degree or a level III qualification

Priority is given to candidates who already have a contract with a company (continuing education and apprenticeship)

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And then

Professional integration

Examples of job opportunities:

- Logistics supervisor,

- Logistics Project Manager

- Procurement Manager,

- Supply chain manager

- Logistics platform manager

- Warehouse Manager

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