Law - Political Science - Administration


  • Duration

    1 year

  • Training structure

    Faculty of Law and Political Science


Training coordinator: Eric SAVARESE

This training is intended for students and professionals (ministers of religion, staff of religious organizations, staff of local authorities or others) interested in understanding the relationship between public authorities and religious institutions in a secular and republican framework. It is part of the training of Imams and chaplains initiated by the Ministry of the Interior which subsidizes the DU.

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Objectives (scientific and professional):
The courses fulfill the double objective of acquiring knowledge on the contemporary problems of a multicultural society and providing knowledge of the workings of relations between religions and a democratic and secular state. The student will also develop specific skills that will enable him/her to deal in his/her professional life with possible conflicts linked to the expression of convictions (religious or atheist) and to develop a better capacity for analysis in a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect.

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Knowledge control

Writing a thesis (university students) coefficient 3
Interview with a jury (university students and professionals) coefficient 3
Attendance and participation (university students and professionals) coefficient 1

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The administrative framework of religious freedom and methodology 25h, International and European aspects of religious freedom 15h, Constitutional aspects of religious freedom 15h, Private law of religions 10h, History of Christianity 10h, History of secularism 10h, Citizenship and immigration 12h, Secularism and cultural identities 10h, Freedom of worship before the administrative judge 6h, History and principles of Judaism 9h, Law of religious associations 9h, History and principles of Islam 10h, Secularism tested by the Arab revolutions 6h, The role of the central office of cults 4h
Duration of studies, academic calendar :
151 hours of classes + participation in colloquia or conferences from October to May.
Examinations in early September

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Conditions of access

For students, the required level is the current Licence 2.
For professionals and similar, the level required is the Bac and a good knowledge of French.

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Target audience

Students wishing to deepen their knowledge of current issues and acquire knowledge that can be used in competitive exams; professionals (ministers of religion or chaplains, HRDs, teachers, civil servants of all kinds) who are confronted on a daily basis with the themes of the relationship between civil society, religions and public authorities in a republican and secular framework.

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