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Law and Health.

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Objectives (educational, scientific, professional):

The DU Law and Health is intended for students from different backgrounds: students in law, medicine, pharmacy, psychology, but also for professionals interested in health law (health professionals, executives of health institutions, legal professionals). The DU is designed to provide the basics of health law. The objective is to acquire the essential elements for understanding medical law.
The DU offers a first specialization in the field of health law.

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Course - Introduction to Health Law (20 hours)

  • Module 1 - Institutional organization of health care in France
  • Module 2 - Fundamentals of Health Law
  • Module 3 - Ethics

Course - Patient Status (20 hours)

  • Module 1 - Patient Law
  • Module 2 - Law of incapacity
  • Module 3 - Bioethics: Fundamental Principles and Institutional Framework

Course - Liability Law (60 hours)

  • Module 1 - Civil Liability
  • Module 2 - Criminal Liability
  • Module 3 - Hospital and Ordinal Liability

Course - Medical Expertise (20 hours)

Course - Law and expertise (20 hours)

The courses are supplemented by current topics on health law.
The hourly volume is given as an indication.

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Conditions of access

Access requirements according to levels:

  • Hold a Baccalaureate
  • Be a professional interested in health law (equivalence)
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