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The aim of the DU in Sports Law and Sports Establishments is to enable students to specialise in a targeted field that generates employment.
The proposed course differs from other courses offered by certain law faculties in that it focuses in particular on companies in this sector, whether they are equipment manufacturers, sports clubs, organisers of sports events, associations, etc.
The main objective of the course is to give students a command of the legal issues raised by sports activities. Whether it is a question of the occasional organisation of sporting events or, on the contrary, the normal and permanent exercise of a professional activity based on sport, numerous legal rules must be implemented. Through the juxtaposition of academic and practitioner interventions, students will receive training that is perfectly in line with the expectations of those involved in sports activities, which should enable them to demonstrate a specialisation in line with the expectations of the professional world.
Given the specific nature of this DU and the sector to which it is addressed, this training is offered to two complementary audiences:
* Initial training students
* Continuing training students

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Lessons learned :

The courses are organised in modules:
1- The sports company (50 hours)

  • The responsibility of the sports company (civil responsibility, criminal responsibility).
  • Contracts (advertising contracts, sponsorship, equipment contracts, employment contracts).

2- The legal status of athletes (50 hours)

  • The sportsman in Europe.
  • Legal aspects of doping.
  • Social protection of the athlete.
  • Professional sport (status, players' agents, professional retraining, etc.).

3- Institutional organisation of sport (20 hours)

  • Institution of sport and organisation.
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Conditions of access

Access conditions according to levels :

Open to holders of the Baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma.

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