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Fashion and luxury industry law is an emerging law.
Traditional legal tools, procedures and corporate forms are gradually being adapted to create a new, autonomous law.
Fashion and luxury industry law therefore does not only involve common law rules applied to the field, but also claims
the application of specific and original rules.
According to this observation, the setting up of an establishment diploma is essential in order to offer training to professionals

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This course is open to students and professionals.
The "Fashion and Luxury Industry Law" degree is the only course of its kind in France. Its objective is to train students and professionals in the problems of law applied to fashion and the luxury industry. The course enables students to understand the specific rules of fashion and luxury industry law and to understand the relationship between the special and autonomous rules applicable to the field and common law.

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Duration of the course: 96 hours


EU 1 : Legal environment of fashion and luxury industry law
(16 hours)

1. Legal approach to fashion law and the luxury industry
- Legal, sociological and historical contours
- Quality and scarcity index
- Marketing and communication, elements of press law
- Globalisation, internationalisation
- Approach to environmental law
- Animal protection
- Impact of NICTs and artificial intelligence

2. Contract practice in the fashion and luxury industry
- Corporate forms of the sector
- Internal and international contract practice in the fashion sector
and the luxury industry (in English or French)

EU 2 : Fashion and luxury industry law from a product perspective
(48 hours)

1. The creation process
- Trademark and franchise law
- Registration procedure
- Distribution law
- Specific rights for certain products: pharmaceutical, veterinary
- Comparative and international law

2. Protection of rights
- Intellectual property law
- Anti-counterfeiting
- Interim measures
- Competition and parasitism
- Criminal law

EU 3 /Fashion and luxury industry law from the point of view of the individual
(32 hours)
1. Employee's rights
- Employee's innovation and invention
- Employment contract, confidentiality and non competition clause

2. Modeling rights
- Legal status of the model
- Legal status of modeling agencies
- Employment contract / benefit
- Collective agreement

3. Protection of the individual
- Weight and health protection
- Image protection
- Privacy protection

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