• Targeted level of study

    Less than or equal to bachelor's degree

  • ECTS

    0 credits

  • Training structure

    Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Language(s) of instruction



The University Certificate in Audioprosthetic Techniques is designed for audioprosthesists' staff and all those involved in audiology who want to know the fundamental principles of hearing aid use.

Level required: final year of general education or BEP of vocational education - Selection on file.

Pre-requisites : Power and logarithm functions in base 10.


The University Certificate in Audioprosthetic Techniques can in no way be confused with or assimilated to the State Diploma in Audioprosthetics, which is the only legal qualification entitling the holder to practice the profession in France.

No equivalence to all or part of the state diploma can be issued.

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The advantages of the training

Request for information:

To obtain an application form: send an e-mail to (crefa-contact @


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Acquire basic knowledge of audiology and basic principles of audioprosthetics.


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Know-how and skills

  • "Re-injection" of settings, made by the qualified hearing aid acoustician, into a hearing aid after repair by the manufacturer.
  • Hearing aid fault detection.
  • Manufacture and manufacture of hearing aid earmolds.
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Knowledge control

 Theoretical training

  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology of the ear
  • Notions of acoustics, electroacoustics, psychoacoustics and phonetics
  • Hearing Aid Technology Basics
  • Basics of audiometry and audiometric techniques
  • Use of measurement chains
  • Refunds & hygiene
  • Hearing Aid Law


Practical training

  • Manufacturing and shaping of end caps
  • Presentation of the different types of hearing aids & audio accessories
  •  Use of the measurement chain and manufacturers' software to read the programmed settings in a hearing aid. Detection of faults.
  • Use of a sound level meter
  • Audiometry
  • Teleaudiology
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7-week course at the Montpellier Faculty of Pharmacy

One session per year (capacity of 20 people)





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Conditions of access

  • Level required: final year of general education or BEP of vocational education.
  • Selection on file.
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Target audience

- Collaborators of hearing aid practitioners.

- Teachers in schools for deaf children.

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And then

Professional integration

  • Hearing correction center
  • School for hearing-impaired children.
  • Hearing aid manufacturers
  • Retirement homes



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