• Duration

    1 year

  • Training structure

    Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Language(s) of instruction



The teaching of homeopathy is official since 1978 at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Montpellier.

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Objectives (educational, scientific, professional):

The general objectives of this degree are the acquisition of:

  • a better knowledge of the principles of homeopathy, its mode of action and its prescription.
  • an additional competence of the pharmacist in the advice and delivery of homeopathic medicines.
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Conditions of access

This course is currently on hold.

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Target audience

Recruitment basin:

The DUPH is open without age limitations or specific nationality requirements to any person who has:

  • The state diploma of midwife.
  • Holders of the State Diploma of Doctor of Pharmacy.
  • Holders of the degree of Doctor of Medicine.
  • Holders of the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Holders of any foreign diploma deemed equivalent by the President of the University after consultation with the homeopathy commission of the U.F.R. of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences.
  • Students who have validated their 5th year of Pharmacy.

The Attestation of Homeopathic Pharmacy (AEPH) is issued to :

  • Any regularly enrolled person who has completed EAPD's general and specialized education.
  • Any person having a title assimilated to that of the health professions and in particular: pharmacy assistant, nurse, pharmacy student who has not validated the 4th year, medical student, candidates registered for the University Diploma of Homeopathic Pharmacy can register with EAPH.

Free auditors attending the homeopathic pharmacy course:

  • Anyone who does not have the required credentials to enroll in either the DUPH or the EAPD may enroll as an auditor.
  • Auditors cannot take exams and cannot validate any diploma corresponding to the teaching.
  • They are allowed to attend only the theoretical teaching.
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