• Training structure

    Faculty of Pharmacy


Duration of the theoretical training: 95 hours

Follow-up of the professional project: 10 hours

Start of teaching: September 2022

End of teaching: June 2023

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This diploma is designed to train hospital, industrial, institutional and academic professionals in the medico-economic evaluation of healthcare systems and products with the aim of providing assistance in medical or institutional decision-making, taking into account economic constraints and opportunities.

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Know-how and skills

Competences acquired at the end of the course :

Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • mastering the methodology of medico-economic evaluations that link the cost of organizations or health products with medical outcomes.
  • master the regulatory and ethical aspects of medical/pharmaco-economic evaluation
  • know the hospital, industrial and institutional applications
  • know how to propose a decision support approach in health care including the control of health care expenses



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This course is designed as a 100% distance learning course with live and/or deferred access to the lectures and teaching materials. It is adapted to the constraints of students in initial training and to those of working professionals, with validation of the knowledge acquired through continuous assessment at the learner's own pace, and through the implementation of a tutored professional project.

1 examination session

  • Continuous assessment at the learner's own pace carried out remotely on the teaching platform, coefficient 4
  • Dissertation on a professional tutored project carried out in group, written, coefficient 2
  • Oral defense of the professional tutored project, oral, coefficient 2

To validate the DU, the learner must obtain a final mark equal to or higher than 10/20.



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Conditions of access

Application to pharma-du @ by attaching a CV and a covering letter of 1er June 2021 to 15 July 2021


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Target audience

Initial training :

To have validated the 5th year of study in medicine, pharmacy, maieutics, odontology or by derogation in the 5th year according to the professional project.

And/or to hold a Master 2 on the basis of a file evaluated by the pedagogical commission


And/or any person judged suitable to follow the course by the pedagogical commission according to the professional project 


Continuing education :

Engineer, doctor, pharmacist

And/or hold a foreign degree in medicine, pharmacy or dentistry

And/or any person judged capable of following the course by the pedagogical commission

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And then

Professional integration

- Expert in health economics

- Health professional with expertise in health economics

Some examples of concrete opportunities:

In industry or private company:

  • Market access manager
  • Health economics manager
  • Pharmacoeconomics manager
  • Health economics engineer (Ingénieur d'études en médico-économie)

In a health care facility:

  • Pharmacist/Physician/Hospital engineer, research sector, expert in medico-economics
  • Pharmacist/Hospital Physician participating in the Drug and Sterile Medical Device Commission of his/her institution
  • Hospital pharmacist, drug and/or medical device purchasing/supply area

In institutions:

  • Pharmacist/Institutional physician (OMEDIT, ARS, HAS, Assurance Maladie, University) in charge of medico-economic issues
  • Medical and Economic Institutional Design Engineers


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