• Duration

    1 year

  • Training structure

    Faculty of Medicine


The advantages of the course

minimum: 8
maximum: 25

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To provide training and update knowledge on the medical and social aspects of traumatic brain injury to doctors and professionals involved in the care of the injured

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88 hours
Report + Dissertation

1 session
- Written admissibility tests
Written tests (2h), marked out of 40 points: written questions relating to the whole of the theoretical teaching.
Candidates with more than 20/40 are declared admitted and authorised to take the oral and practical tests.
- Oral tests
Based on a clinical file, discussion of the choice, methods and limits of the proposed treatment. The oral test for the analysis of the clinical file lasts 20 minutes. The test is marked out of 40.
During this oral test, a short presentation of the dissertation (10 minutes) will be requested (see below).
- Writing a dissertation
Dissertation on feedback or reflection on practice, illustrated with a commented and critical analysis of the literature on the subject of the dissertation; the recommended volume is 15 to 20 pages, including bibliography. During the oral exam, a short presentation of the work will be made in the form of a slide show (.ppt) (10 minutes).
The dissertation must be submitted to the diploma secretariat 20 days before the date of the oral exams. Only candidates who have submitted their dissertation will be allowed to take part in the oral tests.
The test is marked out of 20.
To be admitted, the candidate must have taken all the tests and obtained an overall mark of more than 50/100.

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Target audience

Doctors of medicine or certificate of completion of 2nd cycle,
Nurses or any other candidate interested in the subject having obtained the agreement of the person in charge
Master's degree in psychology or diploma in clinical neurology, master's degree in general physiology, neurophysiology, DE physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, diploma in social work, directors of medico-social establishments, social assistants, employment counsellors, educators
Or provide proof of associative commitment and possess a diploma of higher education: application approved by the College of Directors after submission of an application form

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Necessary pre-requisites

By authorisation of the person in charge
Covering letter + CV
Secretary : isabelle.caradec @

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