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The law of obligations, a fundamental and abundant discipline, is at the heart of the legal phenomenon of which it constitutes the major key to analysis and understanding. This course provides a unique complement to the general civil law program taught in L2, allowing the acquisition and reinforcement of essential knowledge that is indispensable for following more specialized courses, preparing for various examinations or competitions, and, more generally, for practicing a legal profession.

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Objectives (educational, scientific, professional):

  • To deepen and complete the common base of knowledge that constitutes the law of obligations.
  • To update the knowledge of this subject studied initially in L2.
  • Prepare for the law of obligations tests of numerous competitive exams and examinations (Pré-Capa, ENM...).
  • To help prepare students for the more specific courses offered in a Master 2 program.
  • To provide certified and/or diploma training to lawyers on a fundamental subject.


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Knowledge control

Knowledge is evaluated:
- in the first session, by two written tests of three hours each grouping two modules. This session takes place at the end of June
- in the 2nd session, by a grand oral. This session takes place in October or November

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Module 1 (20 hours)
The sources of the law of obligations Internal, European, comparative, private, codification

Module 2 (120 hours)
The sources of obligations
The juridical act, The juridical fact

Module 3 (20 hours)
The regime of obligations
The circulation, The extinction

Module 4 (15 hours)
The proof of obligations

- Courses are held in May-June.
- Distance learning: Moodle is available at the end of registration


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Conditions of access

Access requirements according to levels:

The candidate must have a law degree (L3).

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How to register

Contact the faculty registration service () or the continuing education service.

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