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University Diploma of preparation for the Diploma of Accounting and Management (DCG)

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Montpellier Management offers a 2 or 3 year preparation for the national DCG exams (Diploma in Accounting and Management), which is the first step in the public accounting curriculum.

This training is characterized by:

  • The involvement of university and professional teachers, who are heavily involved in the national examination boards, up to the final diploma of public accounting (DEC)
  • Fundamental contributions on the conceptual and methodological levels
  • Practical applications

This preparation for the DCG can be done in the traditional form but also, from the second year onwards, in the form of work-study (apprenticeship, professional contract, continuing education).

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  • Preparing for the DCG national exam
  • Acquire fundamental conceptual and methodological knowledge and practical applications: work on case studies
  • To complete or validate a previous education and professional experience, through à la carte preparation: individualized UE, help with VAE (validation of acquired experience) and through continuing education
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Open in alternating years

This training is open to apprenticeship starting in the second year.

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The preparation for the DCG can be done in initial training (only in Montpellier) or in continuing education, and by apprenticeship on the sites of Alès, Montpellier and Perpignan.

Preparation for the DCG teaching units:

EU 1 - Fundamentals of law

EU 2 - Company and group law

EU 3 - Social law

EU 4 - Tax law

EU 5 - Contemporary economics

EU 6 - Corporate Finance

EU 7 - Management

EU 8 - Management Information Systems

EU 9 - Accounting

EU 10 - In-depth accounting

EU 11 - Management control

EU 12 - Business English

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Conditions of access

Consult the conditions of access to this training on the following link.

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