DU Sports Performance Video Analyst

  • Targeted level of study

    BAC +2

  • Training structure

    STAPS Faculty


This is a University Diploma offered by the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities (STAPS) of the University of Montpellier. Supervised by HUDL and DARTFISH trainers and professionals recognised in their discipline, the training enables the students to meet the requirements of constantly evolving professional structures.


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The advantages of the course

Place of training : 

Faculty of Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities - University of Montpellier

700 Avenue du Pic Saint-Loup - 34080 Montpellier

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To train video performance analysts in line with the needs of professional structures: 

- Able to participate, within a technical staff, in the improvement of individual and collective performance.

- Able to actively participate in the training of the athlete and/or the recruitment of players.

- Able to adapt their procedures as technology changes and the needs of the coach change.

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Know-how and skills

- In-depth practical knowledge of proprietary software used in the professional environment.

- Design of coding windows.

- Extraction and processing of relevant sequences and data.

- Creation of match activity reports, operational for the staff and the athletes.

- Design of training and performance support videos.

- Organisation of the database (Datas)

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The course includes several seminars from September to February.

The first seminar, scheduled over a week, is dedicated to the mastery of the "Sportscode Elite" (HUDL) and "Team Pro Data" (DARTFISH) software.

Subsequent years are devoted to the further development of software and case studies in different disciplines.

The assessment is based on the presentation of an activity report (match reports, analysis of the opponent, live analysis, etc.) in relation to the training period.


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Target audience

- Technical sports managers.

- Coaches

- Physical trainers.

- STAPS students and teachers.

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Necessary pre-requisites

Baccalaureate / State Diploma (Level IV), with experience in the chosen discipline.


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Recommended prerequisites

Licence STAPS and Federal diplomas.

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