Economics - Management


  • Training structure

    Faculty of Economics


ATTENTION: Not open for application and registration this year

  • Teaching fields : Economics, management
  • Type of diploma: DU
  • Keywords: Economics/Management
  • UFR: Economics
  • Study Abroad Opportunities: No
  • Type of training: Initial and continuing education
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  • Acquisition of the bases and practices of economic intelligence.
  • Acquisition of the fundamentals of statistical data processing.
  • Learn the methods and techniques of research and use of information.
  • Practice and exploitation of statistical results on spreadsheet.
  • Office automation techniques - Use of software (Excel, Access, data mining ...)
  • Collaborative work on a project that must be supported using information and communication technology.
  • Use of an LCMS platform, use of videoconferencing, interactivity of course sessions using voting boxes.
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Knowledge control

Each student carries out a case study as part of his or her internship and presents his or her work to a jury during the defense. The total duration of the defense/examination is one hour maximum:

  • The tests of the modules are carried out by a jury composed of the persons in charge of the modules on the day of the project defense.
  • The defense is done individually. The defense report will clearly show all the modules.
  • A single exam including the modules, a single internship thesis and a single defense.
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Training that takes place from September to September.

1- Total hours of the modules of the DU (Information processing and economic intelligence): 160 hours of classes + TD including :

  • The bases of data processing (25 hours)
  • The basics of economic intelligence (25 hours)
  • Information security (10 hours)
  • Strategic intelligence and innovation policy (10 hours)
  • Innovation policies and information technologies (15 hours)
  • Data mining (15 hours)
  • Methods and techniques of research and use of quantitative information (15 hours)
  • Survey practice (10 hours)
  • Practice and exploitation of statistical results on spreadsheet (10 hours)
  • Office automation techniques - Use of software (Excel, Access, ...) (10 hours)

2- Working together on a project. (15 hours)

  • Students are divided into different working groups. They individually produce a report that they must support. (Two to three months)

3- Project presentation using information and communication techniques. (1 hour)

4- Interventions by professionals

  • Joint project preparation seminars
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Conditions of access

1- Recruitment by application.

2- After studying the application and acceptance :

  • Registration Office C115 bis
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Target audience

Students of L3 and above wishing to acquire knowledge in economic intelligence, statistical data analysis and operational knowledge in information processing and management.

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Tuition fees

  • Initial training: See registration office
  • Continuing education: See registration office
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