Economics - Management


  • Training structure

    Faculty of Economics


  • Teaching fields : Economics, management, administration
  • Type of diploma: DU
  • Keywords: Economy
  • Mr Thierry BLAYAC, Professor, tel: 04 34 43 24 81
  • Study abroad opportunities: No
  • UFR : UFR of Economics
  • Type of training: Initial and continuing training

Thecurrenteconomic contextis marked by the importance of digital technology in our daily lives.

The exponential development of e-commerce and online ordering.

The evolution of consumerbehaviour, which has become more and more agile and demanding in terms of delivery requirements.

The growing number of applications available on Smartphone allowing to order, move, buy, sell...

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  1. To offer innovative educational content in line with the evolution of the labour market.
  2. To provide participants with a solid knowledge base in logistics & supply chain with an emphasis on the digitalisation of operations at strategic and operational levels.
  3. To place the theoretical approaches to innovation and digital economics in the current context of digital logistics and e-logistics.
  4. To give participants the fundamental knowledge covering the main aspects of logistics: production logistics, distribution, urban logistics, last mile logistics, collaborative logistics, reverse logistics, green logistics, etc.
  5. To focus on the digitalisation of the logistics function within the company and the changes this implies for users, consumers and companies.
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Know-how and skills

The modules alternate between theoretical contributions and case studies.

An innovative and interactive approach based on strategy games and simulations with dynamic interaction at the end of each module.

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Module 1 - Theoretical foundations and socio-economic implications of the digital revolution (10 hrs CM, 5 hrs TD, Case study)

Module 2 - Strategic and operational foundations of logistics (15h CM, 15h TD, Serious Game)

Module 3 - Digital and the logistics function (15h CM, 15h TD, Serious Game)

Module 4 - Digital Logistics (20h CM, 20h TD, Serious Game)

Module 5 - Blockchain and logistics (10h CM, 5h TD, Case study)

Module 6 - Communication in a professional environment (15h CM, 15h TD)

Module 7 - Collaborative project (30h TD)

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Target audience

In initial trainingthe DU Digital Supply Chain is accessible to all students who have completed a diploma of Bac +2 level (Licence 2, DUT or BTS) preferably in the fields of economics, management, transport or logistics. Applications from students in the IT/digital field will also be considered depending on their professional project.

In fContinuing education, the DU Digital Supply Chain is accessible to all employees wishing to benefit from training on the digitalisation of the supply chain.

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Tuition fees

See Registration Office: Application

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And then

Professional integration

  • Manager of an e-commerce platform.
  • Future start-up creator.
  • Developers interested in the potential of logistics.
  • Digital transformation project manager (services, industry, administration...).
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