• Training structure

    Common Service for Continuing Education


This DU, focused on Environmental Management, allows trainees to dissect the various applicable standards. The objective is to master the essential tools of this field of activity. This training is mainly oriented to the needs of companies to quickly train staff to the standards and practices of QHSSE.

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To allow employees to evolve in their job or to reorient themselves and for job seekers to acquire the basics in environmental management.

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Know-how and skills

At the end of the training, trainees will be able to:

  • Know the regulatory framework relating to the environment
  • Set up an environmental management system
  • Mastering the QSE portfolio's reference systems and tools
  • Implementing an Environmental and Energy Management System
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Environmental law (7h)

  • Essential legal knowledge of environmental law
  • Sources and actors of environmental law

Sustainable development (7h)

  • The global challenges of sustainable development
  • In-depth study of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • ISO 26000 standard although not certifiable

Waste management (7h)

  • Practical approach
  • Regulatory requirements inherent to this field

ICPE / AEU (7h)

  • Presentation of the classification (Declaration, Registration, Authorization)
  • Practical exercises on the ICPE Nomenclature

Health risks (7h)

  • Introductory course on agro-food sanitary risks
  • Health risk management measure

Environment and Energy Management(21h)

  • Master the essential principles for the development of an Energy Management System)
  • Study of the Iso 14001 / 50001 standards

Management and project management (14h)

  • Project Management Methodology
  • Planning and collective implementation of tools
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Target audience

Technicians and managers, employees or job seekers, with a level III diploma, wishing to be in charge of new functions related to the management of the environment and sustainable development.

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And then

Professional integration

Managers or senior technicians in the field of QHSSE

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