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PREPARATION FOR WRITTEN COMPETITIONS: Internal State Civil Service Competition

  • Training structure

    Institute of Preparation for General Administration (IPAG)

  • Language(s) of instruction



The advantages of the training


Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the written tests of internal competitions for category A and B of the State civil service

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Knowledge control

Classes are scheduled on Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from mid-September to the end of March (27 Wednesdays per year)

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  • Courses: general culture, public law, public finance, civil service law
  • Methodology of the written tests.
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Conditions of access

The selection is made on the basis of a file via the E-candidate application.

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Target audience

  • Category B and C civil servants of the State and its operators
  • Contractual employees of the State and its operators who meet the conditions for registering for internal competitions.
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Tuition fees

Price : 100 euros

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35 people

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Expected results

Pass a competitive examination in the following fields:

  • Administrative Secretary
  • Internal competition for entry to the IRA
  • Internal competitions for attachés in various ministries
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