• Duration

    1 year

  • Training structure

    Faculty of Medicine


All information about the presentation of the diploma, organisation, contacts, fees and registration procedures can be found on the DU/DIU website of the Faculty of Medicine: https: //

Once on the home page, you select the IUD title.

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How to register

Obtaining a registration permit is essential.

Registration authorisation issued by the person in charge of the course after application to the university secretariat.
The secretariat's contact details can be found on the DU/DIU website: https: //

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Target audience

- Initial training:
-DES of Cardiology and Vascular Diseases
-DES of Cardiovascular Medicine
-DESC of Geriatrics
-DES of Geriatrics
-DES of Vascular Medicine
-DESC of Emergency Medicine
-DES of Nephrology
-Foreign students enrolled in DFMS/DFMSA of Cardiology, Geriatrics, Nephrology

- Continuing education:
1) Doctors of Medicine DE** French and/or EU diploma and non-EU diploma:
-specialists in Cardiology
-specialists in Nephrology
-holders of the Capacity in Geriatrics
-holders of the DESC in Geriatrics
-holders of the DES in Geriatrics
-specialists in Internal Medicine
-holders of the DES in Vascular Medicineholders of the DES in Vascular Medicine
-holders of the DESC in Vascular Medicine
-holders of the DESC in Emergency Medicine
-holders of the CAMU

2) By dispensation granted individually, a specialist doctor or a student engaged in another speciality, may be authorised to prepare the D.I.U. in view of a particular interest in this complementary training.

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