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Provided by l'Institut Agro MontpellierThis 3-year program trains future engineers in the fields of agriculture, agri-food and the environment to support the agricultural, food and digital transition in France and around the world.

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This program aims to train high-level executives capable of putting their multidisciplinary, practical and theoretical skills at the service of those involved in the agricultural, agri-food and digital transition, and of understanding all the scientific, technical, socio-economic and human factors involved in making decisions that will contribute to optimizing resource management and sustainably preserving the environment and its ecosystems. The Agronomy Engineering curriculum places great emphasis on international exposure and the possibility of academic mobility to the many university partners of l'Institut Agro Montpellier abroad. 


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The Agronomy Engineering program takes place over three years, with continuous support for the professional project, allowing each student to build his or her own training path.
- The first year, or core curriculum, covers all the disciplines essential to a future agricultural engineer.
- The second year is composed of two semesters of deepening and opening up.
- The third year is devoted to pre-professional orientation during which the student will have the choice of an option from a multidisciplinary package in order to specialize and orient himself towards various sectors of activity.

Development, agriculture, livestock, agri-food in Mediterranean and tropical regions
- Innovating, developing and undertaking agri-food in Mediterranean and tropical regions
- Markets, organizations, quality, services in support of agriculture in the South
- Resources, agricultural systems and development
- Livestock systems

The company products, processes, management
- Agro-Managers
- Agro-food and agro-industry of Montpellier
- Chemistry and bioprocesses for a sustainable development

Digital for agriculture and the environment
- AgroTIC - Information and communication technologies for agriculture and the environment
- Data sciences for agronomy and agrifood

Biodiversity plant production for sustainable development
- Mediterranean and tropical plant breeding and engineering
- Plant protection and environment
- Sustainable plant production

Earth: Territories, resources, environment
- Territories, resources: public policies and actors
- Biodiversity - Water - Soil - Climate - Environmental assessment (BESTE)

Vine and wine
- Viticulture-oenology

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Conditions of access

The Agronomy Engineering program is accessible through apprenticeship in the first year (national competitive examination) after a BTS, BTSA, DUT, bachelor's degree or professional license, and by application from the second year. Engineering students in both specialties can complete their third year of training under a professionalization contract with employee status.

- In the 1st year: national competitive exams open to students from BCPST and A-TB preparatory classes, to holders of a BTSA, certain BTS and DUT, and a bachelor's degree or professional license.

- In the 2nd year: specific competition for international students (application and interview): Minimum 4 years of higher education in the context of double engineering degrees.


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