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Electronics and Embedded Systems (ESE)

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The Electronics and Embedded Systems (ESE ) course will lead you to analyse, design and build electronic systems.
In companies, you will be called upon to manage teams of technicians and work in collaboration with engineers in order to integrate, program, install, connect and maintain all this electronic equipment in fields such as home automation (alarm systems, weather stations, remote control, etc.), robotics (mobile robots, manipulator arms, etc.), transport, aeronautics and space (driving assistance systems, drones, etc.), and the construction of new vehicles.), transport,aeronautics and space (driving assistance systems, drones, nano-satellites, etc.),audiovisual (air traffic control rooms, security PCs, etc.), health (collection and analysis of vital data for optimal care in real time, etc.),connected agriculture (automated management of agricultural plots, etc.), sports (calculation of the speed of a shot, etc.), connected objects (IoT) andartificial intelligence (AI).
You will also learn how electronic systems communicate their data by radio or by optical means (infrared, optical fibre).

Embedded systems have the particularity of being autonomous devices in their operation and in their power supply. They are built by associating different components around a microcontroller or a microprocessor that runs a program (in C, Python, etc.).
Embedded systems are present in many everyday objects as well as in many areas of industry.

With the Electronics and Embedded Systems course, take part in this industrial and societal revolution!

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Know-how and skills

The ESE pathway enables the acquisition of a 4th skill:

  • Implementing a hardware or software system:
    - Taking into account the organisational aspects linked to the industrial, human and environmental contexts;
    - Guaranteeing a deliverable that complies with the design, manufacturing and standards files;
    - Guaranteeing upstream, downstream and cross-functional customer support in a quality approach.
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