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Electricity and Energy Management (EME)

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    IUT Nîmes

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The Electricity and Energy Management (EME) course will enable you to manage teams of technicians and work in collaboration with engineers on thestudy, test and implementation phases, to monitor the production of electrical energy conversion systems and to intervene in maintenance processes.
This course will enable you to work in sectors linked to the production and distribution ofelectrical energy, industrial electrical installations, urban and rail transport, electrified vehicles, the navy,aeronautics and space, the operational safety of industrial systems, electromechanical converters andpower electronics, the storage of electrical energy, industrial or humanoid robots, drones, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

With the EME course, take part in the digital transformation of companies and in the energy transition to the world of tomorrow (industry of the future, smart grid, smart city)!

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Know-how and skills

The EME pathway allows the acquisition of a 4th skill:

  • Installing all or part of an energy production, conversion and management system on site:
    - By guaranteeing upstream, downstream and cross-functional customer support in a quality approach;
    - By complying with the standards and regulatory constraints related to high voltage, including in an international context.
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