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Industrial Automation and Computing (IAC)

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    IUT Nîmes

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The Automatism and Industrial Computing (AII ) course focuses onautomation and robotics, fields that are essential in the industrial production sector.
With the digital revolution of the industry of the future, this course will enable you to install and program automated systems (PLCs, robots and vision) that will ensure the management and control of industrial processes.
You will discover what theindustry of the future brings as a new way of organising production resources, by placing digital technology (the Internet of Things (IoT), the digital twin, augmented or virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the Cloud, Big Data, cybersecurity, etc.) at the heart of manufacturing resources.

These communicating tools, thanks to the development of new industrial computer networks, will provide you with solutions for setting up control systems (supervision and Man-Machine Interface) which will allow for assistance in the operation of installations, their monitoring, the traceability of products and the monitoring of energy consumption.

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Know-how and skills

The AII pathway enables the acquisition of a 4th skill:

  • Integrating a command and control system into an industrial process:
    - Guaranteeing upstream, downstream and cross-functional customer support in a quality approach;
    - Complying with standards and regulatory constraints, including in an international context;
    - Managing industrial communication networks for better availability and security.
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Control of knowledge

The assessment of knowledge is continuous and at the end of each semester (30 ECTS per semester). It enables the level of mastery of acquired skills to be determined.

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