• Duration

    2 days

  • Training structure

    Common Service for Continuing Education


Resources for working in a multigenerational team

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The advantages of the training

Training led by Dominique AVRIL, coach, trainer in professional projects, orientation and management, author (novel) and speaker on the skills expected in business.

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Implement an intergenerational diversity policy in your human resources


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Know-how and skills

Define the characteristics of generations X and Y
Identify the levers of motivation and expectations for these generations
How they function in relation to authority and hierarchy
What management for these generations
Identify and overcome your obstacles as a Manager of another generation
Improve your communication (NVC) - Make yourself heard and understood
Implement concrete actions for a successful management

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Day 1:
- Define and differentiate the values and norms of each generation
- Understand the notion of generational culture and its impact - X and Y
- Understand generational culture and identity in the workplace
- Understand the generational relationship to work, to authority, to the company
- Situate one's own generational representations and one's own managerial posture

Day 2:
- Knowing how to adapt your management style to the generation of employees
- Understanding the differences and identifying collective norms and collaborative levers
- Defining common objectives and operating rules
- Optimizing motivation and maintaining a favorable social climate (exercises)

> Pedagogical means:
A balance of theoretical presentations and practical exercises
Theoretical contributions with a PowerPoint presentation
Sharing of experiences: exchanges around the managerial experience of each participant

This training allows you to understand the managerial issues of Generation X and Y while being able to question and adapt your posture and the most effective tools to achieve the motivation and involvement of Y employees. 

The speaker : Colette DOUMENC has a doctorate in sociology and social psychology. She works on the issue of multicultural and generational collaboration within a research institute of which she is Vice-President (IRASS). Her intervention allows for an analytical, pragmatic and operational approach to generational management. 

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Target audience

Director, Manager, Human Resources Manager, Project Manager

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Tuition fees

Training fees: 450 €.

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